The purpose of me – Study #1 on Erodiade


Luca Perciballi: composition, visual concept, sound design

Marianna Miozzo: dancer

Gabriele Lei: video editing


The purpose of me – Study n1 on Erodiade it’s largely based on Mallarme’s famous poem Erodiade with the addiction of other text taken from various resources (Dylan Thomas, The Bible and random field recording); It consist in a video installation realized on screen (suppose to be the size of a door in order to give the illusion of a real person dancing in front of the spectator) and a 4 channel audio tape.

The story of Salomè/Erodiade is divided into 7 small chapters, being the 4th the fulcrum of the whole work (the head of the Baptist being cut), separated from each other by a short question or answer randomly taken from mental health questionaries. The whole Erodiade’s story is here used to reflect on themes like love, possession, obsession and moral: the spectator is supposed to switch his point of view embracing different angles. F

rom Erodiade’s perspective she’s a saint or a martyr, from Erode’s she’s an object of desire while from St John’s she’s a passionate murderer. An abstract score of electroacoustic music (piano, sax and sine waves), texts, field recordings, musically transcribed voices, dance, space is here to convey not a specific message but an allusive speculation over this fascinating character.