12 November 2018

Copertina disco 1 Black Box

New record finally out! This is from my duo with Ivan Valentini “The black box theory”.

Out now for Setola di Maiale Label SM3700. Check the discography page to purchase or listen. Physical copies on the label website and digital download from my Bandcamp

9 November 2018


New Record out for Parmafrontiere Orchestra: a Conduction directed by Roberto Bonati at Teatro Regio for the 20th anniversary of the festival. I feature as a guitarist and I’m protagonist of a long solo in company of Roberto Dani



4 October 2018


A new experience for me! A specific part of work with Fragile was shown last week at Tempo Reale and I tried to do a kind of live spatialization of the sounds I made.

Hope I got it!

9  September 2018

Seems like many news are coming from the film music side of my production!

Another fantastic movie by F.Barozzi it’s almost ready to come out. A long movie this time, a huge work that took almost 4 years to accomplish.

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 1 September 2018

Adding this news feed to the website!

Currently working on lots of music for movies and my new records about to come out.

Such a busy moment!

Here a footage of TURNING POINT, this short movie by F.Barozzi. Soundtrack in progress by your beloved! Some Shostakovich vibe in it! String quartet, piano, marimba and clarinet.

Schermata 2018-09-01 alle 18.33.01.png