Sound Design/Composition/Film scoring


  • Absynthe for string quartet
  • Memories Loop for 2 violins and 2 violas with scordatura
  • Clockwise ballet suite for string orchestra
  • Outside was crowded with people and full of noise for mixed quartet, video, tape and double bass soloist
  • 7 Speechless moments for guitar
  • Separate lives in a film for piano and live electronics
  • The idea between a pattern for clarinet piano cello and tape
  • 3 Celàn songs for voice and tape
  • The Ego piece for 6 saxophone on tape and live electronics
  • Fast Hoquetus for prepared percussion and tape
  • Variations for chamber orchestra
  • I do see a familiar neighborhood for 2 soprano voices and 6 electric guitars


A selection of some works

Installation for CIME Prize
4 channel audio and video Spazio Gerra


HUB/Sulla nostra pelle -Mon frère – Tolstoj perspective – Il guaritore di serpenti -Miserere Domine-Clockwise -Salse connection-Turning Point -3 Rooms -L’ultima Notte -Piove con il sole -Re/life (series)-Neoclassical preparation  -Five studies on water  -Evil / Tratto da Riccardo III  -La storia di una possibilità -Broom -Tellurica- Racconti dal cratere-La fuga del coniglio sciupacose 

List of work in cinema, theater, dance