Luca Perciballi: guitar, objects, electronics

Organic Gestures

Luca Perciballi: guitar & composition

Andrea Grossi: double bass

Andrea Grillini: drums

The Black Box Theory

Luca Perciballi: guitar

Ivan Valentini: sax

Breathing Mechanics

Luca Perciballi: guitar and electronics

Wietse Voermans: sax

Alessio Bruno: doublebass

Onno Govaert: drums

Fragile –Conduction Orchestra

Luca Perciballi: conductor

Various ensemble combination

Vox Organalis

Luca Perciballi: guitar, electronics, composition, vocals

Francesco Orio: piano, vocals, audio spatialization

Public Speaking

Luca Perciballi: guitar, samples, electronics and compositions

Camilla Battaglia: voice, electronics and texts


Luca Perciballi: guitar and electronics

Tobia Bondesan: sax and objects

Stefano Costanzo: drums